Missing Classmates

The following list of classmates are those who either have not yet joined the site or joined the site but not included their e-mail addresses.  If you are in contact with anyone who has not joined the site or you have not updated the site with your e-mail address, please share our web address below or update the site with your e-mail:


If you know the email address for any Classmate below you can click on the Classmate's name to quickly send an email invitation to our site.

Again, the site will not be used for any other purpose than updating classmates on our reunion information.

Kevin Banahan
Roger Behrends
Brad Brown
John Dennert II
Kay Duesning (Johnson)
Julie Ebeling (Dux)
Susan Ebeling (Erickson)
Mike Falloon
Donovan Fox
Kimberly Freitag (Stephens)
Harold Germer
Tom Grubbs
Damon Gutzmer
Leta Hahn (Mau)
Charles Chuck Hoffman
Rudolph Holly
Gary Jensby
Debra Junker
Suzy Kapke (Busing)
Juliann Kellie
Tamara Lemmon (Bulin)
David Luehring
Debbie Markey (Baldwin)
David McCown
Debbie Melander (Smith)
Darcy Nicholson (Asch)
Roben Ruhnke
Barry Schouboe
Fred Siebe
Marsheila Silvester (Kerner)
Harry Stang
Kin Sweet
Bob Theye
Cliff Tracy
Doug Witt
Greg Wurm